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St Lucia Reps, as it is more commonly known is a registered St Lucian company in the full name of: St Lucia Representative Services Limited.
The company, which was formed in 1976, is a Destination Management Company providing a comprehensive range of tourism related services to individuals and companies alike.

St Lucia Reps provides the services of a local agent and representation for many International Tourism Companies with not only high corporate profiles and strong branding to be protected, but a demanding regime of service and health and safety standards to measure up against. This regime and control sets the standard for our operations with all our clients, be they the big corporate entities or an individual client and therefore everyone can be assured of integrity and reliability in all aspects of our service delivery.

Airport Transfers is a significant part of our overall portfolio and we have a vast and varied fleet of vehicles to choose from to
                                                         be able to better service the diverse requests of our clients.





Sunlink Tours is a trading name for the Tours/Activities portfolio and is a subsidiary of St Lucia Representative Services Limited. A programme of all tours and activities has been created offering something of interest for extensive and varied client base.


Our offices are located on Reduit Beach Avenue on the first floor of the Place Creole Building. The Scotia Bank occupies the ground floor. This is in the Rodney Bay Village in the northwest of the island, right in the heart of the part of St Lucia where the vast majority of the tourism plant is based. It is not a true village but an area which hosts many shops, restaurants and bars and a hive of activity especially in the evenings.

We also have an office at the International Airport in the south of the Island operated by our team, which is ready to assist with arrivals and departure services. Feel free to explore our website and discuss your questions with our team!                                                                         


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Mission Statement

To provide a portfolio of outstanding services which enhance the visitors vacation experience through the recognition of their individual needs and expectations in a rewarding and fulfilling work environment for our employees.




General Office Hours
8am - 5pm

Contact Details

St Lucia Reps and Sunlink Tours
Reduit Beach Avenue
Rodney Bay Village
P.O Box 879 | Castries | St Lucia

Main Switchboard: 758 456 9100
Fax: 758 452 0459
Main Email: info@stluciareps.com